New Commercial Canvas Window Awnings in Downtown New Bedford, MA

Every business needs a little something to its look to make them stand out.  For this restaurant in downtown New Bedford, a pop of green and some depth was just the thing to add to the windows.  In addition to making the building stand out more to people walking by, the awnings provide some nice […] Read more »

Retractable Awnings in Dartmouth, MA

This custom retractable awning thoroughly covers a small patio in Dartmouth.  It was measured to fit the space exactly so that there was enough room even when it is rolled out to operate the grill.  On a hot summer day there is nothing better than a little shade from a retractable awning and a cool […] Read more »

Custom Patio Canopy Installation in Fairhaven, MA

This canvas patio canopy is right on the water on Sconticut Neck in Fairhaven, MA.  With no existing deck or stone patio, we needed to frame the awning in and dig concrete footings in order to secure the posts to the ground.  This presented a challenge in the layout but as always, with our vast […] Read more »

New Awning Projects in Mattapoisett, Rochester, and Fairhaven MA

This deck needed some relief from the sun and our customer was so pleased with the retractable awning cover that he decided to add window awnings to to provide shade inside as well as out.  These canvas window awnings will lower indoor temperatures up to 15 degrees just by keeping out the suns harsh rays. […] Read more »

New Patio Cover, Pipe Frame Canvas Awning in New Bedford MA

This pipe frame patio canopy has two sides and a back curtain to provide maximum coverage from the sun and rain for this homeowner.  As a southern exposed side of the house, this deck was borderline unusable before the addition of this canvas patio canopy.  Now the temperatures are cool and a whole day can […] Read more »

Shade Essentials; Pipe Frame Canvas Deck Awning- Fairhaven, MA

A pipe frame awning in this situation is useful in a number of ways.  First it provides shade on the deck itself, allowing the whole family to gather round for a meal or a drink.  Second, it provides shelter from the rain for those trying to use the deck or patio.  Third, it shades the […] Read more »