Commercial Awnings for Any Application

      If you need an awning like one of these, or any awning at all, we are sure to have something that will fit your needs.  Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need a hand figuring it out, American Awning is here to help. Give us a call for a […] Read more »

Storefront Window Awnings for a Business in Downtown New Bedford. MA

Every business needs a little something to its look to make them stand out.  For this building in downtown New Bedford, a pop of black and some depth was just the thing to add to the windows to give each storefront some segmentation and individuality .  In addition to making the building stand out more […] Read more »

Retractable Awning Before & After Installation

A retractable awning can be a great way to provide shade for your deck or patio.  They are measured to fit just about any size deck and mount to just about any surface.  For someone who doesn’t want a permanent frame attached to their deck, a retractable awning can be just the solution.     […] Read more »

Retractable Awnings Before & After

  By adding a retractable awning, an uninhabitable space turns into a relaxing spot where everyone can lounge in complete comfort.  Adding a retractable awning is a great way to extend the available living space of your home.   If you need an awning like this one, or any awning at all, we are sure […] Read more »

High Quality Retractable Awning, Directly On The Water

This beautiful deck had great views, but was an uncomfortable place to sit for long periods of time because of the unrelenting summer sun beating down on it.   The sheer length of the deck required us to install two awnings side by side in order to cover it.  Being directly on the water comes […] Read more »

Canvas Window Awnings Can Cool Indoor Temperatures By Up To 15 Degrees

Canvas awnings give a cool look to an otherwise bland set of windows.  They can also help to limit those high summer electricity bills by shading and cooling indoor rooms susceptible to a large amount of sun and taking some of the pressure off of your AC.  This will not only bring down electricity costs, […] Read more »

Commercial Entrance Awnings in Southcoast Massachusetts

Whether your need is to protect customers entering and exiting from your business, or to create a defined 3 dimensionality to your entrance, a commercial entrance awning is for you. By splitting up the two different colors, it signals to customers that there are two different entrances to two different businesses.  If you need an […] Read more »

Our Deck Awning Stands Up to High Winds, Even Directly on the Water

With nothing protecting it, this deck was left very exposed to the blistering summer sun.  Even though the deck is set right on water and in a very windy area, we were confident in the strength and durability of our patio and deck awning. Not just any awning could withstand the wind loads that commonly […] Read more »