Our Deck Awning Stands Up to High Winds, Even Directly on the Water

With nothing protecting it, this deck was left very exposed to the blistering summer sun.  Even though the deck is set right on water and in a very windy area, we were confident in the strength and durability of our patio and deck awning. Not just any awning could withstand the wind loads that commonly […] Read more »

Deck Awning Before and After

If you need an awning like this one, or any awning at all, we are sure to have something that will fit your needs.  Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need a hand figuring it out, American Awning is here to help. Give us a call for a free estimate and site […] Read more »

Commercial Entrance Awnings for Businesses Made Simple

Whether your need is to protect customers entering and exiting from your business, or to create a defined 3 dimensionality to your entrance, a commercial vinyl awning is for you.   Commercial vinyl awnings like these provide customers with a signal that they have the right door. If you need an awning like this one, or any […] Read more »

Custom Hip-Roof A-Frame Awning for Second Story Deck

An ultra-custom apex frame awning sits over the second story deck on this cool lakeside cottage.  With the steep gable from the roof and narrowness of the deck, it was a challenge to come up with a design to provide shade for these homeowners. The views from this second floor are gorgeous, and can now […] Read more »

Retractable Awning, In Vs. Out

A large retractable awning, when rolled to the “In” position is both compact and unobtrusive.  Most people won’t even look up to notice that its there. When rolled to the “Out” position, this same retractable awning goes from being compact to shading an entire sitting area on the deck.  This provides ample shade to sit […] Read more »

Canvas Window Awnings Can Even Be Used to Shade a Porch

The setting sun was brutal to this small porch, rendering it impossible to eat a relaxing dinner or have an evening drink.  By adding a canvas awning, the setting sun could no longer beat down on the homeowners when they were trying to have a relaxing evening. A simple canvas awning allowed these homeowners to […] Read more »

Retractable Awning Rolled In Vs. Out, The Difference is Stunning

Sometimes the most beautiful outdoor spaces can be impossible to use in the dead of summer.  With high humidity  and temperatures climbing in the 90s it can be unbearable to stay outside without some shade to protect you from the sun.  This beautiful deck is a great example of this situation where the exact spot […] Read more »

Retractable Awnings with New Canvas Covers Look Good As New

When the cover of a retractable awning is nearing the end of its life, it can be replaced on the existing frame.  This can give a much needed facelift to the wonderful shaded area on your deck or patio.  By keeping the existing frame and simply replacing the cover, you can save a significant amount […] Read more »