Multiple Retractable Awnings Are a Great Option to Shade Large Outdoor Areas


two retractable awnings on same house

Adding two retractable awnings can give the homeowner added optionality on how much shade they want. If there are two decks, one can be for the sun, one for shade. Or when rolled in, natural light can come into the house while the other space can still be provided with shade.


side by side retractable awnings

On one large deck, two retractable awnings can provide homeowners with a shaded zone and a sun zone.


retractable awnings on adjacent sides of a house

For wrap around decks, multiple retractable awnings is a no brainer. As the sun moves throughout the day, each awning can be deployed or rolled in to provide shade or sun light where needed.


side by side retractable awnings

When covering patio doors or large windows, having the option to roll one retractable awning out to provide shade to the deck while rolling the other in to provide natural light indoors is a great feature.


under view of two retractable awnings

The reverse is true as well, if indoor temps are rising, one retractable awning can be rolled out to lower indoor temps while the other can be rolled in to provide shade for the deck.


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