Canvas Window Awnings Can Cool Indoor Temperatures By Up To 15 Degrees

Windows facing south and west take a brunt of the summer sun. Adding canvas awnings shades the windows from the sun and will help to cool down the house indoors.

Canvas awnings give a cool look to an otherwise bland set of windows.  They can also help to limit those high summer electricity bills by shading and cooling indoor rooms susceptible to a large amount of sun and taking some of the pressure off of your AC.  This will not only bring down electricity costs, but will do so in an environmentally friendly way. 


This homeowner put awnings over every window on this side of their house. They’ve seen great results in keeping the house cooler without using AC.


This salon can’t keep their customers comfortable without these awnings shading the windows. These serve a dual purpose in the shade they provide as well as the signage to passersby.

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