Add Essential Shading For Summer with Retractable, Fixed Frame, and Window Awnings

This retractable style awning provides a comfortable shaded area on this otherwise unbearably hot deck or patio.

Retractable awnings are a great solution for someone who sometimes wants sun, and other times shade.  The awning can be cranked in and out on demand depending on the situation.

A fixed frame canopy.

A fixed frame canopy requires no maintenance in season.

A fixed frame deck awning is a great solution for those who don’t mind a permanent frame and a removable cover.  The cover can be put on in the spring and taken back down in the winter for storage.  Fixed frame, or pipe frame canopies can often give more bang for the buck when covering larger areas.

Window awnings can not only provide a cool new look, but can also lower indoor temperatures up to 15 degrees!

Canvas window awnings are both stylish and very effective at controlling indoor temperatures in the sweltering heat of the summer.  By keeping the sun from beating down on windows, a canvas awning can lower indoor temperatures by 15-20 degrees meaning less strain on the air conditioner and more green in your wallet.

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