Last Call to Clean, Recondition, and Repair Your Awnings This Winter

This canvas awning protects this homeowner's living room from the heat of the summer sun.

This canvas awning protects this homeowner’s living room from the heat of the summer sun and was recovered int he winter, when it wasn’t needed.

Winter is unquestionably the best time to have any and all necessary awning maintenance taken care of and spring will be here (hopefully) before you know it.  With awnings more often than not being taken down for the colder months, essential maintenance is made both convenient and easy.  For repairs, restitching, cleaning, and water resistance treatment, American Awning and Window Co. is your one stop shop for all your awning maintenance needs.

Canvas window awning recover in Acushnet, MA

Canvas window awning recover in Acushnet, MA

Our custom, one of a kind, sewing table allows us to perform maintenance on awnings(also boat covers and furniture covers) of all shapes and sizes.  One of the major benefits to off-season maintenance for awnings is to greatly extend the lifetime of the fabric.  After being in business for over 25 years, we have accumulated a large store of scrap fabric.  If your awning needs patching, rest assured that we will be able to match our own, stock fabric to yours.  By restitching all the seams and adding new trim, an old awning that was once falling apart now will have far more life, as well as, a better look.  After years of use, all seams will eventually come apart, so inspect your awnings before its time for them to go up this spring, and give us a call at (508)995-6333 for a free repair estimate.

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We also take care of repairs and boat cover replacements (like these seat covers and back sail) at a discount during winter months

What happens when an awning isn’t in need of repairs but could use a refresh?  The answer would be an awning cleaning.  Cleaning awnings can be a tricky business, thats why at American Awning, we use a professional awning cleaning service to make sure our customers are happy with the outcome.  Just like with repairs, we will take care of everything for you.  We can give you a quick estimate over the phone, and if you like, we will come take down your awnings, prepare them, and have them cleaned.  Cleaning will not only make your awnings more appealing to the eye, but also add a new water repellent treatment to the fabric, ensuring it will be water tight.  So, give us a call if you have any questions about winter maintenance for your awnings, and we will do our best to give you an estimate over the phone.  Just remember, awnings don’t always have to be replaced to look new again!