Recent Awning Projects in New Bedford, Acushnet, and Fairhaven Massachusetts

Wow, November really flew by here at American Awning.  With the temperatures outside growing colder each day we’ve had a few new projects for local businesses and residents that will make their lives easier, each in their own way.


The vinyl glass side curtains for this pick-up window will keep customers out of the winter elements.

This rigid frame awning is installed over a pizza take-out window in Acushnet, MA.  The bright colors and custom vinyl graphics make sure customers will take notice of this new restaurant, as well as giving simple directions for where to pick up your pizza.  The awning, along with the vinyl glass curtains will keep any weather (wind, sleet, or snow) away from customers while picking up their food and out of the take-out window itself.


Aluminum Awning with Terra Cotta trim, installed in Fairhaven Massachusetts.

Our aluminum awnings truly are custom!  This customer in Fairhaven, MA, truly wanted some protection over their side entrance/exit door but did not have enough room for awning sides.  They couldn’t just get a generic awning from a big box store, so they called us, the experts in awning installation.  We quickly diagnosed their needs, and fit them with the coverage they desired and an added trim color to match their shutters.


Old retractable awnings can easily be recovered for a new look.

The retractable awnings pictured above, are very very old.  The covers, however, are brand new.  No matter how old the retractable awning frame, we can make them look new again with a custom cover to fit each one.  Even awnings over a storefront, like the ones here, can be recovered with our selection of fire resistant awning fabrics.