Maintenance Free Aluminum Awnings From New Bedford to Wareham, and the Cape


American Awning & Window Co. has manufactured and installed maintenance free aluminum awnings in New Bedford, MA and surrounding areas for over 25 years.  This long tenure in providing for the needs of the area has equipped us with the knowledge and materials to service the specific conditions Southeastern Massachusetts has to offer.  Whether Snow, Freezing rains, or hurricane force winds, our aluminum awnings will stand the test of time.


Unlike generic awnings, our Aluminum Awning sides are crimped to the main body in more than 20 places, ensuring they will never come apart. Most “Off the Shelf” awnings only have a handful of contact points, weakening the connection.

Everything is taken into account when manufacturing our aluminum awnings.  Each one must meet the custom needs that each customer desires.  They must have the correct pitch to make sure snow will not sit on top, the mounting angle is adjusted so rain water will drain from the correct side of the gutter, widths are custom down to the inch to ensure proper coverage of the door and any lighting fixture, and the right projection will ensure that no one will get wet when taking out keys to unlock said door.  Everything about our aluminum awnings can be adjusted for any circumstance.  This keeps our customers safe and happy for years to come, and that peace of mind is something the big box store cannot and will never be able to offer.


Depending on width, two or more extruded aluminum rafters are added with crimped metal connections. This gives the awning roof the support it needs to hold up snow loads. Our attention to detail in attaching rafters ensure they will stay where they are supposed to during heavy snowfall and winds, when they are needed most.