Aluminum Awnings: Keeping the Winter Weather Off Your Doorstep


Our aluminum awnings are customized to fit YOUR needs, and will be fabricated specifically to ensure maximum coverage for your entry/exit.

     Ice and Snow.  Sleet and Freezing rain.  These are the things that make a Massachusetts winter such a formidable enemy.  Keeping these types of weather away from your doorstep in the winter time is imperative.  Ice and snow can build up on steps and thresholds making getting in and out of the house slippery and dangerous.  Freezing rain and sleet will pour down on you, soaking your clothes and possessions as you fumble for keys to unlock your door.  An Aluminum Awning, when mounted properly over a door, can be a cure-all for these problems.  Snow won’t pile up in front of the door, ice won’t build on the threshold, and you’ll stay dry from rain when unlocking your entryway.



Our braces, rafters, and all stainless steel hardware are what make our aluminum awnings the best choice for New England conditions.

An Aluminum Awning, built by us, have been designed and specifically purposed to address the specific weather concerns in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Unlike some of the national companies selling these door hoods, American Awning has serviced the areas of New Bedford, Dartmouth, Acushnet, Fairhaven, Rochester, Mattapoisett, Marion, and Wareham MA for over 25 years, so we know the specific conditions a door hood would have to endure here.  Snow loads will pile on top of the awning, high winds will try to blow them off the house, and water will try to make it rust, but each specific component of our aluminum awnings have been designed keeping these conditions in mind.  You can be sure that if you buy one of our aluminum awnings, it will stand up to the conditions our area can throw at it.  Call us for a free estimate today (508-995-6333), and make this winter a little easier.